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Call For Papers: Issue #2!

TL;DR The Word, a new undergraduate hiphop journal at Stanford University, is soliciting research papers and blog content for its online-only publication, which debuted in Winter 2020 and released its first issue in June 2020. We welcome submissions from undergraduates at any college or university. To receive priority consideration for our Fall/Winter 2020 issue, please submit by Thursday, October 1st, 2020.

What’s The WordThe Word is a fresh as hell undergraduate hiphop academic research journal that aims to embody the founding spirit and purpose of hiphop: providing a mode of creative expression and voice to marginalized communities, inspiring activism, and encouraging open experimentation. We do this through the publication of undergraduate research on hiphop culture, reporting on happenings in the hiphop community, and providing access and mentorship to undergraduates, especially undergraduates marginalized by race, class, gender, and/or sexuality, as they participate in the academic practices of research, peer response, revision, and publication. We are a hiphop feminist publication, meaning we center the experiences and voices of Black women, girls, femmes, and LBGTQIA+ people, and encourage critical, intersectional attention to gender in hiphop studies. More information about our mission and existing content can be found on our About page.

Our first issue, available here, was published in June 2020 and celebrated with a 2-part virtual launch party. Hiphop scholars Dr. Regina Bradley, Dr. A.D. Carson and Dr. Gwendolyn Pough joined us for an informative panel discussion. The next night, we showcased three Stanford student artists Lil Seyi, Linda Sol, and VII with an outro from BayArea DJ Fíera. 

To Submit. We accept content for our journal and for our blog. 

The journal publishes both full-length articles and shorter close-readings for its “Decoded” section. Articles can be anywhere from 2500-6000 words ( about 10-20 pages); “Decoded” pieces should be a focused close reading and should be under 750 words. Both should contribute to the interdisciplinary field of hiphop studies through original research and/or analysis and an argument that developed through revision. They should be in MLA or APA style and can use any variety of English. Please submit all journal submissions to our Open Journal Systems submissions portal, following the step-by-step submission process on the linked page. You will have to create an account in order to submit your work, and all future correspondence concerning your paper will be sent to the email provided during submission. Submissions may be accepted, rejected, or returned with a request for revision by our editorial board of undergraduate peer referees. We may also ask for selected excerpts of full-length papers to be revised for our “Decoded” section. See more information on our Submissions page.

Submissions for our blog can be sent to us directly via email at Blog content should be short, readable posts of 250-750 words or multimedia content (audio, visual, or video files). If submitting multimedia work, please include a short paragraph that introduces and contextualizes the work for audiences–why did you make this piece? What themes from hiphop and hiphop studies does it engage? For A/V submissions, you must own copyright to music, images, or video used. 

We also invite Stanford undergraduates to join our editorial board. All members of The Word assist in planning events, reviewing submissions, producing blog content, and attend weekly meetings. For more information, email

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